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eat. this. stuff. at eat.this.food.

eat. this. stuff.

These are some of the products we LOVE. Check them out!

* Honest Tea: Peach Oo-la-long Tea is the best bottled tea. Ever. (Purchase @ Whole Foods)

* Uncle Eddies Cookies: Oatmeal Raisin…These are the best store bought cookies I have ever had. I swear. (Purchase online, or in San Diego Whole Foods & Henry’s Markets)

* Honey Roasted Peanut Butter from Whole Foods. It’s the kind you grind yourself. Sooooo good.

* Sunflower Seed Butter: The next best thing to the above mentioned peanut butter. (Purchase @ Trader Joe’s)

* Dried Blenheim Apricots from www.apricotking.com also at local Bay Area farmer’s markets. When you pop one of these things in your mouth, it’s like eating a perfectly fresh, slightly chewy, amazing piece of fruit. Okay, I tried, but there really isn’t a way to describe how awesome these taste. And they are preserved with low sulfur!