Our Story

It all began 20 some odd years ago. A friendship was formed, and with it a bond through cooking. Our first culinary memory is of us pretending to have a TV cooking show. We would haul the bowls and utensils from the kitchen to the backyard. (We know our moms just loved that idea.) We would “gather” our ingredients: dirt, grass, berries, leaves and water. And then the show would begin. From there we moved into the kitchen and we cooked…real food that people could eat. Well, most of the time.

We got stuck on one recipe, Busy Day Cake. This recipe seemed so simple, dare we say, fool proof? Yet, it never tasted quite right. Was it the cake? Did we bake it too long? Not long enough? Was the frosting the problem? We spent countless hours trying to perfect that recipe. This is where our love of cooking began…in a kitchen in Fremont, CA around 1986. The rest is really history.

We are still great friends. We still love to cook. And we have honed our craft and developed some great recipes we have shared with each other. And now, we’ve decided to share them with the world. So, after browsing the site, please feel free to pick a recipe, and most importantly:

eat. this. food.

We know you’ll like it!

jen & arti